History of NSDAA

The first indication of the meeting among the alumnus of the Nebraska School for the Deaf was recorded in the minutes that several graduates who were employed at NSD in 1897 met and they elected Louis Divine (NSD 1889) as the chair so they can begin planning for the first reunion.

The first reunion didn't happen till September 4-6, 1901 at NSD and the name of the organization was Nebraska Alumni Association of the Deaf (NAAD). The first officers of the organization were Mrs. Estella Forbes (1895), president; Mr. Christian Jensen (1897), vice-president; Miss Ota Crawford (1891), secretary; Mrs. Ella Cornish Hunt (1891), treasurer.

It was years later that the organization changed to its present name: Nebraska School for the Deaf Alumni Association.

The NSDAA led a fight to keep the school open but in 1998 however NSD has closed its doors for the last time.

The NSDAA has served more than two thousand members who achieved success in many walks of life and will last as long as the last alumnus lives.